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Current project: The Quynneth region.

07 April 2011


Though activity on the blog seems low, I've done lots of work on the region.
here's a teaser shot of Innit Landing. New residential areas have been added, as well as more industry. To allow more growth the riverside has been improved with seawalls, and a long park, 'Division Park',  is now seperating industry from the rest of the city.

28 January 2011

Latest Traffic View

Here's a (partial) traffic view of my region as it currently is.
I've been working on the 3 growthcores; Poacher marshes, (New and Old) Gorb, and Innit Landing. The first two ones are nearly finished (for this stage), Innit Landing I still need to work on. I think my next update will be about these 3 current cores of growth as well, but there's still lots to be done, both expanding, as well as story-wise. Anyway, I hope you'll like the picture, click for a large version :)