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22 October 2010

Update 6: Companies of Quynneth

Welcome back in the Quynneth region. In this update I'd like to showcase some large companies in the region. It's all companies that have had, or will, or will continue to have a heavy influence on the regions development. As some of you know, I'm trying to develop the region according to the natural growth principle, where I interpret natural growth on several levels and in several ways. Meaning I want to keep all city tiles self sufficient (unless theres a roleplaying reason not to be), and am using both roleplay elements as well as logic to make decisions in the development of the region. This means I have no clue how my region might look in 5 more updates, which makes it pretty much an adventure, hopefully just as much for you as for me :) Anyway, onto the company showcases!


Gonway Mining co. is a company that has been responsible for triggering the first developments in the region, and continues to be of large influence. It's the largest company in the region, in workforce, profit, investment in the region as well as physical influence on the region. Without Gonway Mining co. this region probably would still consist of endless forests today.

Gonway Mining co. is a company that up until now exclusively focuses on mining browncoal. The company already was exploiting a browncoal mine outside the region, and has further expanded in Quynneth after intensive prospecting. Currently several consessions are being mined, and with the arrival of the bucket wheel excavator mining is proceeding so fast that current concessions are near to being depleted, and Gonway is on the brink of moving on to a new concession. Right next to the mine, at Gonway Industrial, three browncoal powered plants serve as additional income for the company, by providing power to both the region as well as a southern neighbouring region.

Gonway Mining co. is also responsible for the creation of the first railroad. This has led to the explosive growth of Innit Industrial, the industrialized harbour area where Gonway is unloading their trains of browncoal onto barges for transport over river, then sea. Gonway's working force largely lived in initially The Sheds, a workers town near the mine, but lately more and more workers have been moving to Fishenflies, causing the town to grow so fast it currently is agglomerating with Landing, and only has a thin strip of trees separating it from the ever expanding Innit Industrial.

Dunce Farming Cooperative got founded by the son and eleven grand children of Bill Dunce. Bill Dunce was the first farmer in the region, and there's no need saying that farming runs in the family. Though Bill only had one son, his son had eleven children, and all of 'm became farmers. At first Bills son expanded the farm to five farmfields, but with all grandchildren now unified in the cooperative, Dunce Farming now possesses a total of 72 farm fields. Being in a cooperative they are able to buy and share large machinery, causing even larger profits and enabling them to pay off their SimNational bank loans within a few years.

All Bills grandchildren decided on living in the same town. Although the town initially was called Two Snails, the towns name officially got changed to Duncewood two years ago. The town is entirely surrounded by farmfields owned by Dunce Farming Cooperative, and in this particular picture you can still see Bills old house at the lake in the top right corner.

Though Bill Dunce himself is not with us anymore, his name lives on at the Market square in Landing, still referred to by Landings inhabitants as 'Bills market'. The marketsquare, as well as 3 rural grocery stores are co-owned by Dunce Farming Cooperative and worked by franchisers. The successful cooperation causes food prices to remain low in the region, which helps to attract even more people to settle in the region.

SimNational Bank is one of the large investors in the region. Together with Gonway Mining co. they have set up an extensive advertising campaign to attract settlers to the region, which has turned out to be very effective over the years. SimNational Bank's cheap loans helped starters in a great way in the early development of the region.

Though it has been a bit of a gamble for SimNational Bank to invest so heavily in the area, the excellent results of the advertising campaign, and the successrate of Quynneths companies have more then paid off for the bank. The banks headquarters in Quynneth is currently the tallest building in the region, and the marble and hardwood themed offices are a display of SimNational Banks achievements in the region.

Simcoast Lumber co. is one of the early players too. Next to Gonway Mining co. it is the #2 job provider of the region. Quynneth is heavily covered with forest. Every field, lot, or road needs clearing of trees, as well as the mining concessions. No need to say that Simcoast has made a small fortune by now.

The tell tale red buildings of the lumber company stand out near the waters edge of Sawdust. Both Sawdust as well as Landing have owed large part of their growth to Simcoast Lumber co. The company does not only need people at the sawmill, but there's hundreds of operators, loggers, and truckers out there in the forests clearing room for every single expansion of the regions developments.

By now a second sawmill has been built at Old Gorb. Due to the success of the first mill it's a near to exact copy of the mill at Sawdust. Old Gorb has seen similar growth as Sawdust due to the vicinity of the sawmill, which has led to the existence of New Gorb at the northern river bank. With developments expanding to the west the new mill has been doing well, and Old and New Gorb are expected to experience explosive growth due to it in the near future.

CJ's Waste Management & Eco Technology is one of the more recent players in Quynneths economy. All garbage used to be shipped out of the region (or illegally discarded in the forest), but the region is seeing such growth that this has fast become too expensive. CJ's has jumped into this gap, and successfully so.

With every town now reachable over road, CJ's Waste management has chosen a not so central, but very cheap location for one of their latest innovations, a cyclic garbage dump at Wilson's Ridge. The dump consists of several separate sections. Only one section at a time will be connected by road. Once full, it will be closed off and the next section will be opened. This way the first section can have a headstart at decomposing. By the time the last section is in use the first section will have fully decomposed again and will be ready for reuse, and the cycle can start all over.
Though larger in surface then a large dump in one piece, the advantage is that the decomposition is a continuous process. Next to that CJ's has fitted the section with up to date technology like watertight underlayers, sturdy containment walls, waste water filtering and recirculation systems, and for the stuff they really don't know what to do with, a large incinerator.
Although CJ's Waste Management is currently just making enough money to pay the rent on their loans, there's no other parties interested in garbage, and their future might look brighter then expected.

That's it for this update, I hope you've enjoyed it. For your convenience I've marked all screenshot locations on the above map to give you a sense of where in the region the companies are active. Looking forward to any comments and criticism!
As usual I'll leave you with the traffic view. As you can see here's been quite some growth compared to the last one...

Photo Credits: Piper Super Cub by Answar Walk, Ontario farm by Stan Shebs, Cattle yard by Derek Balsley, Combine harvester by Hinrich, Bank vault by Jonathunder, Money by Twid, Logging scene by Alindon, Landfill by Michelle Arseneault.


  1. Awesome Shilka! It looks like there has been a huge explosion of growth in the region. I like how there a are large amount of "companies" almost running the region, and that you go so in-depth with each one.

    ,marsh :)

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    I want to be a part of it! New Gorb, New Gorb!

  3. ROFL gorbag, that comment made me laugh so hard!
    Best comment on my blog ever so far!

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