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28 September 2010

Update 5, Trains and Peat

It has been quite a while since the last big update, but I'm proud to present you a new update for Quynneth!
Events triggered by the kidnapping of Melinda Gonway (see update 4) have led to quit some growth in several areas in the region.

With the arrival of the bucketwheel excavator, Gonway Mining co. has vastly improved their production rate, and in no way were the trucks on the narrow road to Innit Landing able to keep up with the amount of brown coal being mined. It didn't take long for John Gonway to decide on building a railroad track, going west from Gonway Mine, passing the main road at Fishenflies with an overpass.

The newly created railroad ends in the harbor area of Innit Industrial, an industrial area that just keeps expanding, and which is currently only separated from Fishenflies by just a narrow strip of trees. The browncoal is unloaded by cranes and conveyor belt systems onto the brown coal docks, awaiting further transportation by ship.

The capacity of the brown coal docks have more then doubled, but business prognosis shows that a direct rail connection with neighbouring regions might be necessary in the future. For now a continuous stream of brown coal hauling trains runs back and forth from Gonway Mine to Innit Industrial, and John Gonway's business is flourishing like never before.

Original photo by Callum Black

However, it's not only the area around Gonway Mines that is flourishing, well to the west of Innit Landing, the once secret settlement of Poacher Marshes has expanded too. After its discovery the illegal homes have been legalized, and the area has been connected by a long and winding road.

Not only the town itself has expanded, because of the legalisation of the fishing and hunting activities of its original occupants a small harbor has been built too, forming the safe haven of a small fishing fleet.

However, Poacher Marshes was having one major problem. Despite of its road and sea connection to Innit Landing, John Gonway refused to provide the regions most used energy source, brown coal. Because of the history with Melinda Gonway's kidnapping, John Gonway didn't want anything to do with this remote town.

Fortunately, the inhabitants of Poacher Marshes are inventive by nature, and they solved the problem by starting to mine peat in the marshy areas surrounding the settlement. The brown coal fired heaters and generators that were commonly used in the region had no problem burning peat instead, and thanks to the business sense of the early inhabitants, peat even became a reliable source of income for the town, selling off peat for garden ornamentation and soil enrichment on the side.

Soon the peat mining area became very large, and a canal was dug alongside the excavation area to be able to haul the large quantities of peat out by barge. This first large peat excavation area got named 'Whiney Slices', because of the slices cut out of the landscape due to John Gonway's 'whining'.
Later, a smaller second excavation area got created named 'Phat Ducks', after a particularly large type of ducks settling in the area.

The large water features created by the peat mining activities turned out to be a natural surrounding very well suited for many species of waterloving wildlife, especially large amounts of ducks. With their poaching history, a welcomed side effect for the inhabitants of Poacher Marshes, who could add the reapings of the legalized hunt to their income as well. So thanks to the inhabitants inventiveness, and despite (or even also thanks to) John Gonway the area continues to flourish.

This is where I'll end this update. I know it has been a while, but I hope to be able to once again have some more time for my SC4 projects in the near future. I hope you enjoyed it, and I will leave you with this regional overview.


  1. Very nice! The peat extraction is a very creative idea. Never seen that in SC4 before! :P The mine is getting really huge too. Hopefully that will make alot of growth in the region.


  2. Shilka! Good to have you back online.

    As I said earlier, the peat excavation site is a very original idea and an eyecacher. It was good to read and see how your region develops.

    Your biggest fan

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