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15 April 2010

Update 4, the Kidnapping of Melinda Gonway

John Gonway is a busy man. As owner of Gonway Mining co. he spends most of his waking time on leading his company. He lives mining, he breathes mining, he dreams mining. Despite of his occupation, John Gonway has a family, a wife and daughter. After Gonway Mining started to invest in the Quynneth region John and his wife moved to Fishenflies, so John was close to the major section of his company. Their daughter Melinda stayed at their old home in Emmerton, outside of Quynneth region, in order to finish her study.

After not having seen his daughter for at least 4 months, John decided to invite his daughter over for, of course, a small tour of his mining emporium. Melinda never had been to Quynneth yet, and John figured a tour of the new quarry would make for a nice excuse to invite her over. As a matter of fact he arranged for one of the browncoal barges to give her a ride to Innit industrial.

This only illustrated the poor relationship between John and his daughter. Melinda dreaded the thought of the slow trip overseas, and if it hadn't been for that cute deckhand she would have probably ended up bored out of her mind by the trip alone. Eventually she arrived by barge at Innit Industrial. As you may have noticed it has grown quite considerably since our last visit to the Quynneth region.

At the harbor her dad had a van waiting to take her to Gonway mines. The trip was fast and rough, with a miner at the wheel. As Melinda looked outside, a bored expression on her face, she saw how they passed Fishenflies. The town looked unattractive to her. A lot of the houses looked like they were in dear need of a new paintjob, and there was lots of rubbish in the untended gardens.

A bit later they passed Dunce farms, which already looked a bit more attractive to her. Though Bill Dunce passed away a while ago, a cousin inherited the estate, and clearly had a good feel for farming. The farmlands had increased in area by a factor 5, and the fields of crops looked lush and well cared for. As the van passed, Melinda caught a glimpse of at least 7 children playing in the garden of the farm estate, and she couldn't help wondering how different her life would have been with so many brothers and sisters living on a farm, instead of being the sole child of a large company owner.

The van continued driving through the forest, and just as she was starting to enjoy the sight of a couple of deer grazing near the roadside she started to notice the smell of burnt browncoal, a smell she was oh so familiar with. Soon the narrow clearing around the road opened up to her fathers emporium. A sight of two large browncoal powered powerplants greeted her from afar. The sky was yellowish brown with soot, and the van turned right alongside a large open browncoalpit, leaving the industrial area behind them.

When they arrived at the mine entrance, she got word that her father couldn't join her for the small tour he had planned, he was engaged otherwise.

Melinda didn't mind at all, perhaps she was even relieved not to be obliged to hear her father boast about his accomplishments while ignoring the lack of accomplishments in his personal life, especially concerning their father - daughter relationship.

A miner showed her around, but she already saw those earth moving machines a million times before, to her this mine looked like any other her father had realized before, there was nothing there that interested her. Luckily for her the miner was quick to notice, and they both opted for drinking a beer in one of the workersheds instead of finishing the tour.

Not much later Melinda was back in the van, making her way through the forest again, heading towards her parents home in Fishenflies to meet up with her mom.

It was nice to see her mom again, though she seemed a bit stressed, and the house and garden looked slightly neglected. In an attempt to ignore the sad state of their family relations, Melinda passed some time with swimming in the shabby pool, wandering around the house, and scavenging for snacks in the kitchen. At dinner she finally saw her father, but as usual there was only mindless meaningless chit chat being exchanged. When she went to bed in the guestroom she couldn't even recall what she'd talked about. The boredom of the day had been exhausting, and the thought of leaving again the next morning was only one more reason to fall asleep quickly.

The next morning her dad was already off to the office. After a silent breakfast with her mom, Melinda was quick to say goodbye, and walked head down to the waiting van again, saddened by the continued lack of love by her parents. The van had the same driver again, and as if it was agreed upon beforehand, they only said goodmorning before the silence resumed and Melinda turned her head towards the side window again, watching Fishenflies glide by her window.

It was only a short drive to Landing, but the road was busy with commuters, and Melinda was actually a bit surprised when she realised that just a few years back this area was nothing but lush forests yet. When the van arrived at the pontoon north of landing, she quickly jumped out, mumbling a quick bye at the driver. Melinda walked up the pontoon to the very end, and welcomed the fresh breeze coming across the river, refreshing her mind like a cool morning shower.

Then suddenly things went very fast. Bystanders looked on as a small speedboat moored at the pontoon, and a large bald man stepped out on the pontoon. He quickly looked around, then decisively walked towards Melinda Gonway. Suddenly he grabbed her arms from the back, and before she realized what was going on he had pushed her into the speedboat, where she fell face first behind the two chairs, her hands slipping on the wet deck. Before she could regain her footing the man put the speedboat's throttle at full, and with a sharp turn they went downriver. The other people at the pontoon watched the tragedy in amazement, and saw the speedboat disappear with the bald man shouting commands at Melinda.

The van driver, who had been rolling a cigarette before planning on driving off again, had seen it all too. He immediately called John Gonway.
When John heard of what had happend to his daughter, he immediately ran to the communication office nextdoor to his own, and radioed out to every browncoal barge on the river and beyond. Though the large browncoal barges were much too slow and cumbersome to manoeuvre to stop the speedboat, they quickly started relaying sightings of where the speedboat was.

Meanwhile John contacted the pilot of Gonway Mining co's prospecting plane. Unfortunately , the plane was at least half an hour of flying away, and it needed to refuel first before being able to conduct any search. John shouted commands at the pilot as he felt an increasing panic creep down his throat and attempting to occupy his body. The pilot however remained professional and calm, as he hurried to fill up the plane before talking off, heading towards the large bay in Quynneth.

Photo of Piper PA-18-150 “Super Cub” taken by Ansgar Walk.

When the plane finally arrived at Quynneth, John Gonway was able to provide its pilot with a last location and heading of the speedboat, making it relatively easy for the pilot to start searching. Half an hour into the search, the pilot radioed back to John Gonway how he's found the speedboat moored at a hidden settlement. John commanded the pilot to land and investigate, but the pilot calmly refused. The bay was pretty narrow, and the pilot was hesitant to investigate on his own, and managed to convince john that the time had come to inform the authorities.

With no police in Quynneth itself, John Gonway had to seek for aid outside the region. That same day an investigative police force arrived at the hidden settlement, and they were soon to find out that most of it's inhabitants consisted of poachers and fishermen, trying to make a living by selling game and fish to the new inhabitants of Quynneth. At first they found the inhabitants to be far from cooperative, but with a little pressure applied on one of the poachers, the police managed to identify the house of the bald man early the next day.

With Melinda Gonway's life possibly in danger, authorities decided on flying in a SWAT team for tactical entry of the suspects house. A plan of attack was made, and after nightfall the SWAT team moved in.

After picking the lock of the backdoor and opting for a quiet entry the top floors were quickly cleared and found empty. All was left to search was the basement. When checking out the last door in the basement with a mirror, a professional optical device to check through door openings and around corners, the suspect was spotted in a basement bedroom. After blowing the door open with C4 and further shocking the suspect with a sting grenade, the armed suspect was arrested. In the back of the room a tied up girl was found on a mattress, but it turned out this was not Melinda Gonway, but another missing girl from a neighbouring region.

Then an entrance to an underground tunnel was found, with at the end a room that had Melinda Gonway locked in. Both girls were alive and as later turned out, physically unharmed, but both were suffering from shock of the constant fear they had been in. What plans the suspect had with the girls remains unclear for now.

After receiving medical attention Melinda Gonway was reunited with her parents. For the first time in years Melinda found her father giving her an intense hug, and both cried realizing how much they had missed that level of personal contact, and they spent the whole night talking about the event, and also about the years leading up to it. With a renewed bond with her parents, Melinda left Quynneth region, never to return to it again.

These events didn't leave John Gonway untouched. It effected him deeply, and led him to the realization that you only live once, and things can change forever in a just a heartbeat. As a result, a few weeks later, he took one of the boldest business decisions ever in his life.

Research was done, offers were made, and eventually John Gonway signed a multi million simolean contract.
Six months later the first of many ship convoys entered Quynneth region, bringing in thousands of tons of materials.

For months on end, trucks and special transports hauled all those tons of material from Innit Industrial to Gonway Mines, where all the materials were assembled, tested, adapted, tested further, and finally, it was done. The largest piece of mobile machinery in Simworld had been created.

At the hands of just 5 operators, the large bucket wheel started its motion, scraping away at the mine walls at the same rate as 40,000 men with shovels would. Who'd ever thought the arrival of a bored teen on a barge would lead up to this...


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