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01 March 2010

Update 1, Welcome to Quynneth

Yes, here it finally is, the first update of my region journal. I decided to call my region Quynneth, an unusual name, but I like it. So I welcome you to the virtually untouched region of Quynneth!

As you have read in earlier blog entries, Gonway Mining co. has shown interest in this region, for its suspicion to have some rich browncoal deposits. Water analyses of several rivers in the area have shown traces of browncoal, and Gonway Mining co. has decided on further investigation, especially as their browncoal surface mine in another region, Gonway mine,  is nearing depletion.

Having acquired quite some riches with their first surface mine, Gonway Mining company is in the luxurious position to invest heavily in this still untouched region to get new mining operations on the way.
As a first step there will be some reconnaissance from the air to check out the most promising locations. A small plane with geological experts has scouted the region from the air, interpreting landscaping features for their likelyhood of containing browncoal. The following area has shown to be of particular interest;

After establishing this area of interest, Gonway Mining co. has sent in a scouting expedition to conduct research on the ground. Within 2 months some rich browncoal surface deposits were found, and 3 main dig sites were proposed. With the browncoal positions discovered, research has also shown a good possible shipping location, since initially any mined browncoal will be shipped out to neighbouring regions. Unfortunately the nearest possible shipping location is quite a distance away, since the riverbanks on rivers closer by were classified too steep for proper development.

With the initial research and planning stage behind us, it is finally time for the first developments in our region.
Gonway Mining co. has sent out a ship with equipment to prepare a makeshift shipping location, and to start constructing a temporary road towards the first concession at dig site #01, concession lot 457.38722 BL.

Soon the dirt road is stretching far inland, as workers get closer and closer to dig site #01. At some points the workers had to deviate from the planned route, because of swampy grounds, and later on rocky outcrops being in the way of the roads development.

When the first concession at dig site #01 is reached, heavy machinery is making a quick start on removing the top soil. Many trees are cut down and shipped out to neighbouring regions. Waterpumps are installed for lowering groundwater levels enabling Gonway to start mining deeper.

And then, finally the first browncoal is mined. For months on end diggers dig, and trucks run down the makeshift road towards the shipping area, delivering one upon another truckload of browncoal to waiting ships. After a while concession lot 457.38722 BL is very well on its way of being developed.

Though mining operations are running now, profit levels are still low. All personell and equipment has to be shipped in, and equipment breakdowns are hard to fix with spareparts having to come from far away regions. Dispite the start up problems the area looks very promising, so Gonway Mining co. is very much prepared to invest further in the region. Investment plans include a makeshift workers settlement, upgrading roads and shipping location, as well as constructing supporting buildings like a garage and a spare parts depot.
These are still future events though, for now I leave you with the results of first human interference in Quynneth, a large scar on it's surface....


  1. Great first update. You've put it some hard work.

    A couple of unrelated things. Have you ever had problems with Region Census loading a region. Mine won't load my region because it seems too large for it. I'm also trying it on Vista, which isn't ideal.

    Also, would you us to like to link to each other's blogs?

  2. Hello Gorbag and welcome :)

    To answer your questions, I'm not using Region Census, actually I never heard about it untill you told me about it. I see it can make region shots, I might need to check it out (I composed my own region shots by slapping screenshots together). If I try it out I'll let you know if it gives me any troubles.

    As far as the linking goes, I'll add a link right now :)

  3. Fascinating.
    Very nice - this will be fun to watch.
    I like your terraced quarry.

  4. Great starter.
    I suppose a quarry that big will encourage a lot of growth in a short time. Perhaps some kind of preplanned housing area for all the workers.
    I'm curious.

  5. What do you use for your cleared earth?

  6. Thanks all :)

    For my cleared earth I use a ploppable farmland set. It doesn't function as farmland...downside is it costs $1 per tile. The whole mine is costing me like 1500 a month. Since in a roleplaying sense the mine would be around break even point, I decided to freeze cashflow for that tile temporary, at least untill it has a (browncoal powered) powerplant, and is having income from selling electricity to surrounding tiles. The rest of the region will be played natural growth way from the start, I basicly needed the mine as a initiator for development, storywise.

  7. looks good!..... uhh... i mean bad?

    When CSG releases his cleared earth set again on his blog you can use that and it ill look even better:)

  8. The cleared earth set of CSGdesign has the disadvantage of causing the famous black hole bug to appear. Sure it looks good, but the regional shots show the black holes.

    I'am looking for a cleared earth set for my region. But as I want to use regional shots a lot to display the (natural) growth of the cities, I'am not sure if the cleared earth set of CSGdesign is the best choice. Anybody a solution for that prob? CSGdesign: How do you cope with that problem? Photoshop-wise?

    shilka: Which ploppable farms did you use?

  9. I used the ploppable farm fields that are listed here on the right menu under -custom content used - basic eye candy - ploppable farm fields (Just click it for the download). It is a pack that also includes plopppable farmfields for add ons, but I only used the maxis.dat (the default farm fields) so I didn't need the dependencies listed.

  10. @n_wilson:
    I solve that problem pretty simply. I use Region Census to generate the regional shot.
    The black hole is literally a transparent hole in the image... so I simply duplicate the layer, and move it a bit to the left. The result is that the underlying images is seen through the transparent holes in the top layer, making them green or dirt or whatever is around the black holes. Works a treat, and it's drop dead simple.

  11. Thanks. Didn't know that the hole is transparent. I thought it was black.