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Current project: The Quynneth region.

14 March 2010

Progress is slow but steady

I'm only slowely progressing on my next update. Especially in these early beginnings of the region I'm looking for valid reasons to start initial developments in new areas. It's fun, but not as 'easy' as expanding existing developments.
I'm about 70% done on the next update (including pictures and storyline), but I need to do some more building for the remaining 30%. Next to that I also want to do some normal growth on the already existing villages, industrial areas and the browncoal mining, eventhough it won't be included in the next update.
For now I'll give you this teaser;

After this coming update I might leave this initial area of development for a while to a whole other part of the region. I already got some ideas for it, but it needs some more solo brainstorming.
Hopefully the next blog entry will be a full size region update again :)


  1. I like the look of that mill. What are its stats?

  2. I'm using a modification of the original lot, it's a ploppable lot and has a large amount of jobs (enough to simulate an entire branch of logging);

    Lot size: 6 x 7 tiles
    Menu position: Building: Landmark,Building: IM
    Jobs: 2575 I-M
    Plop cost : § 25000
    Bulldoze cost: § 500
    Max. Fire Stage: 70
    Power consumption: 67 MWh/month
    Water consumption: 60 Gallons/month
    Air pollution: 20 over 9 tiles
    Water pollution: 20 over 13 tiles
    Garbage pollution: 10 over 0 tiles

    It produces it's own power, needs a water connection though. It has an overhang on the loadingramp so it can be plopped half on water.

    If you want it you'll need the Slaytfork Mill (with jobs) download listed under buildings (this is the adaptation) and the Slaytfork Mill Revised listed under dependencies (the original lot with model included). There's no other dependencies.

  3. Nice lokking mill, were did you get it?

  4. You can see in my comment above yours where you can get it ;) Downloadlist is on the right.