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02 March 2010

Developing a bit

I think I want to do a bit of developing without directly adding it to an official (forum-) posted update. I will post some pictures here though, since I want the blog to offer something more then a CJ / MD topic on the forums.

I've done some initial development, but it's hardly screenshot worthy material, although the upgraded shipping location looks nice. I used the CDK3 garbage dock as a stand in for a browncaol shipping location, and I think it looks good. Downside is that it IS a garbage dock, so it's costing me money. I think I can handle that though siince I'm planning another town in the same city tile (the more permanent version of the miners settlement, which is supposed to be a weekday only inhabited settlement).

I'll just do a bit of step by step growth here and there and see where it goes...

1 comment:

  1. Very nice.
    You can use ilive's reader to edit the garbage dock's values so that it doesn't cost you money if you want to.
    Or perhaps a small amount to cover the staff and maintenance costs or whatever.
    Looks good - good idea to offer something more here than just a journal - gives readers a bit "extra".