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Current project: The Quynneth region.

24 February 2010

Sparking Development

I've been thinking about how to spark the initional development of my still to name region, and I've decided to reintroduce Gonway Mining co. , a browncoal surface mining company that I used in my Quynthas CJ, before it disappeared in a PC crash I had. Meanwhile the company has grown considerably, and with the surface mine in Quynthas nearing depletion it is searching for new plots to mine....

I'm not having a lot of free time available this week, but I managed to find some time to design a logo for the company to use in future updates;

Gonway Mining co will soon been doing some prospecting in the region, looking for browncoal deposits, and I'm pretty sure there's some to be found ;) Here's the planned time schedule released by the Gonway Mining co.;

Stage 1 Development:
  • initial prospecting from the air
  • in depth prospecting on the ground at promising areas
  • mapping of deposits
  • deposit extraction planning
Stage 2 Development:
  • planning and preparing coastal / river area for initial equipment shipping
  • preparing a temporary road from shipping area to first deposit area
  • initial ground clearing at first deposit area
  • upgrading road for heavy equipment
  • building a small workers community for weekday inhabitation
Stage 3 Development:
  • preparing a spillway (small canal) for expelling pumped up groundwater, connect to nearest coast / river
  • prepare shipping location for bulk transport loading
  • transporting and installing surface mining equipment
  • start of deposit extraction
  • browncoal transportation over road to shipping location
Stage 4 Development:
  • construction of a browncoal powered powerplant at a strategic location near deposit locations
  • connecting powerplant to electricity transport network of neighbouring regions
  • upgrading workers community to permanent settlement
  • possibilty of building a rail network to shipping location and/or to neighbouring regions
  • connect to and start work on secondary deposit areas
  • make lots of money
I guess these development plans should provide more then enough spark to start of my region!

Some 'Natural growth' considerations to go with this idea:
I will have to balance this idea carefully so I won't start off with a negative income spiral. I like the idea but it looks like the mining area will have to 'live' on neighbour deals at least initially. I don't want to plan too much ahead in order not to violate the 'natural growth' concept though. I will just have to keep an extra careful eye on finances.


  1. I really like it.
    I discovered that the Bauxite Mine Tunnings Quarry in Boston v2 was losing money fast, which is one of the reasons why the mining town sprang up on the same tile, rather than relying on workers from the nearby townships.
    If you follow NG techniques, and build your mining operation slowly with a supporting township in a realistic way, you will have no financial troubles.

  2. nice idea. Realy looking forward to how this region grows. It will be nice to see how the reigion develops.
    Will the mine be built first, and as a result sims start immigrating to the reigion, or vise-versa?

  3. @CSG The advantage of browncoal over bauxite is that historically a lot of browncoalmines would have a powerplant nearby because the electricity would be cheaper to transport then the browncoal itself. That way I can have a moneymaking extra element (electricity neighbour contracts). Have you ever considered editing a ploppable industry lot to make a steady income, to simulate the production and sale of aluminum? After all, even in a NG way a mine would be profitable, right?

    @ Marsh Yeah, I plan on the mine being the first development. With it will come a working settlement, the settlement attracting the first farms, the browncoal powered powerplant and shipping location, attracting (dirty) industry, which attract more workers, etc. etc.

    When I introduce a large factor like an entire industrial branch like browncoal mining, I always tendd to do a bit of historical / background research on it. A bit of background research can be a huge source of inspiration;

    It's the way I found out that a lot of browncoal winning sites are combined with a powerplant. I also read about how surface mining requires pumping out huge amounts of groundwater, which gave me the idea for the spillway. The lower groundwater level also causes the surrounding areas to be less suitable for farming, an element which I will also incorporate into play. I've also read that sometimes entire villages get displaced to make room for new mining sites, an idea I'm saving for possible future events.