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Current project: The Quynneth region.

21 February 2010

Picked a Map

I spent the majority of the day looking for a nice map to use for my upcoming project, and i think I found a decent one.

The region is originally called 'Macedon' and can be downloaded over here. It measures 6 by 7 large tiles, which should be more then enough for a 'natural growth' style project, and hopefully not too large for my PC to handle. I slightly modified the map by smoothing the greyscale and redrawing the rivers. I also turned the peninsula in the north into an island and did some more minor tweaks.

Next step in the process will be loading each city tile, do more tweaking where needed and add forests.
I'm still thinking about if I should just put forest across the whole map to start with, or make more isolated patches. I'll probably leave some clearings on each tile, but I want to have a large amount of forest to start with I think. Once the whole region has had a once over I'll be finally ready to start developing.
Once I can think of a good name. Currently I'm considering 'New Quynthas', not sure yet though....
Anyway, lots to do... and time for my first back-up ;)


  1. I really like this choice of map - it's got a good range of things including mountain ranges, but with plenty of land that can be used for practical development.
    I'm very excited to see where this ends up Shilka.

  2. My thoughts exactly :) The flat parts of the terrain are still a bit on the rough side for my liking (it's actually quite bumpy up close), so I'll doing some (minor) smoothing of the flat areas when adding the forests too. I'll probably leave the higher flatlands in the southeast rough, should make a challenge to develop.

    During the prob tedious proces of tweaking/ adding forest I'll prob think of some scenario that will start development in the region. I'm thinking of introducing the browncoal mining company (Gonway mining co.)from my previous CJ. I guess they could do some prospecting in the area....

  3. Primary industries, like mining, forestry, and farming, are the ways to go... introducing sims to an area, I reckon.