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28 February 2010


I managed to place a corrupt custom lot in the city tile where I had been working on my browncoal mine.
It plopped down fine, worked fine, but when I tried reloading the city tile it would crash sc4 right away, quickly flashing a message about not being able to find a certain mod? I had to replace the city tile with a backup, lots of hours of minebuilding gone down the drain :(
I guess I'll try to rebuild the mine this evening, and hopefully have time tomorrow for a first update, if I'm lucky.

I guess I'll have to stresstest any new downloads in a test city first from now on. I had bad downloads before, but at least I could just buldoze those and then get rid of the download. Never had before that a plopped lot would crash a city upon loading, leaving me no chance to delete it...Oh well....


  1. what was the mod that caused this?

  2. Oh, I can't recall from the top of my head, it was a single small building that I stumbled across. It was a pretty old download from early 2004, and I later found out it was missing a dependency that wasn't available anymore.
    I had the building plopped next to the NAM's dirt road (the one from the pedestrian mall tiles menu), perhaps that caused a problem. or perhaps the problem was the missing dependency, hard to tell since I couldn't find that dependency anymore.

    I'd advice for any new download to try it out in a testing region/city, to test functionality, and to test if you can save and safely reload the city again though.

    It hasn't been listed in my custom content list, I only put stuff there that I have used before for a while and didn't cause any major problems.