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23 February 2010

Almost ready to start building

Yesterday evening / night I spent over 5 hours, tweaking and plopping trees in each of the 72 tiles of my region. The region is 6 x 7 large tiles in size, but it has some medium sized tiles too. The tweaking consisted mainly of smoothing any flat areas at low elevation and 'repairing' some shallows in the rivers. I also added a few small isles. I did no smoothing at all at the flatlands at medium elevation nor in the mountains.

For the tree plopping I quickly found myself following a system; fullblown forests in low elevation flat areas, medium forest cover for rough flatlands at medium elevations. In the mountainous areas I plopped small aglomerations of trees at places where there would be a natural downflow of water (in the 'creases' and valleys), and an overall light general tree cover. Though the job seemed tedious when I had just began it was actually quite enjoyable, especially in the mountains. And I must say I'm very pleased with the results.

I also downloaded some more mods and buildings, and as far as I know I have got my starting set all together now. Check out the list in the right menu, they are all linked, I'm sure you might find some very useful (and sometimes yet very simple) downloads to use yourself.

Last but not least I have added a new 'pages' section to my blog (top right menu), where I want to store any general Sim City 4 info, or any other stuff that would justify having its own page. Currently it holds one page with info on demand cap relief, which should come in handy when you (or I) have problems with development stagnation.

I think I want to give my region a once over just to check for any problems, check if the forests nicely connect from citytile to the next citytile, and I might add some more isles. I also still need a good name for the region, and think of a storyline to spark the first developments.
After that I should be ready to plop the first road!


  1. looks good, glad to see another Natrual Growth Journal, Hoping to see how you build this.
    (BTW, are you going to post your journal any where else?)

  2. Hey Marsh, and welcome! Thanks for checking out the place :)

    I won't be posting this as a journal somewhere else for a while yet, I first want to have a certain degree of development before I want to coinsider doing that. My basic plan is to post near to everything I do in sc4 here on the blog, while I would like a journal on an external site to have more story-like / roleplaying-like updates.

  3. This is looking really nice - your forestation is natural and pleasant looking... its nice to see you put a lot of thought into how the trees would grow and why and where.
    This should be a very interesting one to watch.

  4. Yes, I always like to put a lot of logical reasoning into my train of thoughts, it's a large part of my inspiration. That way I can let the terrain guide me and the terrain itself becomes one of the roleplay elements.