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Current project: The Quynneth region.

28 February 2010


I managed to place a corrupt custom lot in the city tile where I had been working on my browncoal mine.
It plopped down fine, worked fine, but when I tried reloading the city tile it would crash sc4 right away, quickly flashing a message about not being able to find a certain mod? I had to replace the city tile with a backup, lots of hours of minebuilding gone down the drain :(
I guess I'll try to rebuild the mine this evening, and hopefully have time tomorrow for a first update, if I'm lucky.

I guess I'll have to stresstest any new downloads in a test city first from now on. I had bad downloads before, but at least I could just buldoze those and then get rid of the download. Never had before that a plopped lot would crash a city upon loading, leaving me no chance to delete it...Oh well....

24 February 2010

Sparking Development

I've been thinking about how to spark the initional development of my still to name region, and I've decided to reintroduce Gonway Mining co. , a browncoal surface mining company that I used in my Quynthas CJ, before it disappeared in a PC crash I had. Meanwhile the company has grown considerably, and with the surface mine in Quynthas nearing depletion it is searching for new plots to mine....

I'm not having a lot of free time available this week, but I managed to find some time to design a logo for the company to use in future updates;

Gonway Mining co will soon been doing some prospecting in the region, looking for browncoal deposits, and I'm pretty sure there's some to be found ;) Here's the planned time schedule released by the Gonway Mining co.;

Stage 1 Development:
  • initial prospecting from the air
  • in depth prospecting on the ground at promising areas
  • mapping of deposits
  • deposit extraction planning
Stage 2 Development:
  • planning and preparing coastal / river area for initial equipment shipping
  • preparing a temporary road from shipping area to first deposit area
  • initial ground clearing at first deposit area
  • upgrading road for heavy equipment
  • building a small workers community for weekday inhabitation
Stage 3 Development:
  • preparing a spillway (small canal) for expelling pumped up groundwater, connect to nearest coast / river
  • prepare shipping location for bulk transport loading
  • transporting and installing surface mining equipment
  • start of deposit extraction
  • browncoal transportation over road to shipping location
Stage 4 Development:
  • construction of a browncoal powered powerplant at a strategic location near deposit locations
  • connecting powerplant to electricity transport network of neighbouring regions
  • upgrading workers community to permanent settlement
  • possibilty of building a rail network to shipping location and/or to neighbouring regions
  • connect to and start work on secondary deposit areas
  • make lots of money
I guess these development plans should provide more then enough spark to start of my region!

Some 'Natural growth' considerations to go with this idea:
I will have to balance this idea carefully so I won't start off with a negative income spiral. I like the idea but it looks like the mining area will have to 'live' on neighbour deals at least initially. I don't want to plan too much ahead in order not to violate the 'natural growth' concept though. I will just have to keep an extra careful eye on finances.

23 February 2010

Almost ready to start building

Yesterday evening / night I spent over 5 hours, tweaking and plopping trees in each of the 72 tiles of my region. The region is 6 x 7 large tiles in size, but it has some medium sized tiles too. The tweaking consisted mainly of smoothing any flat areas at low elevation and 'repairing' some shallows in the rivers. I also added a few small isles. I did no smoothing at all at the flatlands at medium elevation nor in the mountains.

For the tree plopping I quickly found myself following a system; fullblown forests in low elevation flat areas, medium forest cover for rough flatlands at medium elevations. In the mountainous areas I plopped small aglomerations of trees at places where there would be a natural downflow of water (in the 'creases' and valleys), and an overall light general tree cover. Though the job seemed tedious when I had just began it was actually quite enjoyable, especially in the mountains. And I must say I'm very pleased with the results.

I also downloaded some more mods and buildings, and as far as I know I have got my starting set all together now. Check out the list in the right menu, they are all linked, I'm sure you might find some very useful (and sometimes yet very simple) downloads to use yourself.

Last but not least I have added a new 'pages' section to my blog (top right menu), where I want to store any general Sim City 4 info, or any other stuff that would justify having its own page. Currently it holds one page with info on demand cap relief, which should come in handy when you (or I) have problems with development stagnation.

I think I want to give my region a once over just to check for any problems, check if the forests nicely connect from citytile to the next citytile, and I might add some more isles. I also still need a good name for the region, and think of a storyline to spark the first developments.
After that I should be ready to plop the first road!

21 February 2010

Picked a Map

I spent the majority of the day looking for a nice map to use for my upcoming project, and i think I found a decent one.

The region is originally called 'Macedon' and can be downloaded over here. It measures 6 by 7 large tiles, which should be more then enough for a 'natural growth' style project, and hopefully not too large for my PC to handle. I slightly modified the map by smoothing the greyscale and redrawing the rivers. I also turned the peninsula in the north into an island and did some more minor tweaks.

Next step in the process will be loading each city tile, do more tweaking where needed and add forests.
I'm still thinking about if I should just put forest across the whole map to start with, or make more isolated patches. I'll probably leave some clearings on each tile, but I want to have a large amount of forest to start with I think. Once the whole region has had a once over I'll be finally ready to start developing.
Once I can think of a good name. Currently I'm considering 'New Quynthas', not sure yet though....
Anyway, lots to do... and time for my first back-up ;)

19 February 2010

Adding Custom Content.

Today I'm busy adding the basic custom content to my Sim City 4 that I want to be installed before I even zone the first residential zones for my upcoming project. (Next to that I don't even have picked a map yet).

It's quite a tiresome job, sometimes it takes a while to find what I'm looking for, then install, update my blog, and check ingame if it all works accordingly and I haven't forgotten any dependencies. Luckily in the past I always prefered downloads that either had no dependencies at all, or sets that use the same basic dependencies set (like the BSC stuff).

So far it has been good going, as soon as I have finished getting all basic custom content together I will be making a post or two which will explain each mod / addition a bit more indepth.
In case you haven't noticed yet, I've listed all custom content I've downloaded so far in the right menu. Every item listed is a clickable link that will take you straight to the download location of that item. You might have to register first, but I assume any diehard SC4 players that might visit this blog will be already signed up at the respective sites.

18 February 2010

Test image

This post will contain a test image:

Work in progress...

This blog is currently being worked on.